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Source Audio Collider Delay + Reverb

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Med Source Audios Collider kan du produsere heftige tonelandskap med en uant mengde reverb- og delay-effekter.
Basen i denne pedalen er tonebankene i toppselgerne Nemesis Delay og Ventris Reverb, i samme formatet som de tidligere modellene.

Her har du 4 presets på labben, og et lass til med midi-styring og alle tenkelige muligheter i forhold til styring og programmering av effekter.
Alt i alt en veldig kompleks pedal, hvor det virkelig anbefales at du setter deg inn i manualen for fullt utbytte.

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12 Hand-Picked Delay + Reverb Engines:
Room Reverb: The ROOM engines capture the ambient reverberations of a real acoustic space. The ROOM engine can summon a variety of room sizes from a warm and intimate household room to a larger theatre sized space.
Hall Reverb: Patterned after the lush sounds of studio rack units from the 80s, the HALL L engine is distinguished by its highly diffuse tones and glorious blooming characteristic.
True Spring Reverb: Source Audio’s Chief Scientist, Bob Chidlaw, worked long and hard to perfectly capture the sweet idiosyncrasies of a vintage spring reverb tank. The result is an exceptionally realistic effect with the unmistakable “drip” heard in vintage spring reverb equipped amplifiers.
Plate Reverb: This authentic sounding reverb engine is a spot-on simulation of the highly diffuse effect synonymous with vintage plate reverb units of the 50s and 60s.
Shimmer Reverb: This pitch shifting reverb engine mixes traditional room sounds with octave-up reflections for an angelic reverb effect.
E-Dome Reverb: The cavernous E-DOME (a.k.a. “Enormo-Dome”) produces long, lush reverb trails that linger for days. Invoke the sound of massive, arena settings with the Ventris Reverb’s largest room simulation. This one is huuuuge.
Swell Reverb: Creates smooth, amorphous volume swells. This engine applies a volume swell effect to your instrument’s dry signal, which is then fed into the reverb effect for super-long and ambient clouds of sound. This effect is great for creating soft, atmospheric chord pads.
Digital Delay: A pristine and unfiltered digital repeats.
Analog Delay: This delay engine reproduces the characteristic dark sound of bucket brigade analog delays.
Tape Delay: A detailed re-creation of classic moving-head tape delays. Repeats are bandwidth limited and have artifacts characteristic of tape delay, such as filtering, preamp saturation, noise, wow and flutter.
Reverse Delay: A classic reverse tape sound that became popular in 60s psychedelic rock. The TONE knob can create several overlapping reversed delays that fade in and fade out regularly to create a pulsing tremolo effect.
Oil Can Delay: This is a dark, jangly, warbling and distorted delay inspired by old oil can designs that previously appeared in the “Extended Delay Engines” on the Nemesis.