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Spaceman Effects Apollo VII Overdrive

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Er du på jakt etter en varm og fet medium overdrive, rik på harmoniske overtoner, som samtidig er superdefinert?
Da har du den her.

Spaceman Efects Apollo VII Overdrive er priset for sin nydelig varme karakter og definisjon, med en enkel layout og godt med valgmuligheter.
Klassiske kontroller for gain, volume og tone, pluss en dip-svitsj for å velge forskjellige clip-modus.

Pedalen var i utgangspunktet del av en tremoloeffekt, hvor de tok drive-kretsen og laget en egen pedal av det.
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Inspired by the incredible response to the Voyager I tremolo, we’ve carefully extracted the drive and tone-shaping elements to create the Apollo VII. Familiar sounds and new features collide in this explosive new design.

The simple control interface houses new and refined features while offering the highly regarded tone of the original. As a tribute to the Apollo VII, NASA’s first three-person space mission, there are three controls: level, gain and tone. Each has been optimized to offer a wide variety of sounds, with up to 40dB of gain on tap. The toggle switch also provides three options: LED clipping, silicon diode clipping, and no diodes. LED clipping offers mid-range focused grit – this is the sound of the Voyager I. Silicon diode clipping provides a more compressed and aggressive sound with a smoother decay tail. With no clipping diodes in circuit, the Apollo VII becomes much more touch-sensitive and will growl and bark with astounding dynamic variation.