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Strymon MultiSwitch er en multifunksjonssvitsj for de store Strymonboksene som Timeline, Mobius og BigSky. På Timeline så kan du bruke den som en kontroller for loopfunksjonen og den åpner for nye loopfunksjoner som Reverse, Half Speed og Undo/Redo. Merk at du må ha en software-update på eldre Timelinemodeller (Pr. 23.04.15). På Mobius og BigSky så kan du styre banker, presets og tap. Dette gjelder også for Timeline, om du velger å ikke bruke loopfunksjonen.


  • Connect to TimeLine, BigSky, or Mobius via expression pedal jack
  • Latest TimeLine, BigSky, and Mobius firmware provides several Expression Modes compatible with MultiSwitch:
    • Loop Control Mode (TimeLine only)
    • Bank Mode
    • Preset Mode
    • Tap Mode
    • Please note: Firmware update may be required on your TimeLine, BigSky, or Mobius to enable the Expression Modes compatible with MultiSwitch. A MIDI to USB cable is required for the update. Please visit for information.
  • 1/4″ right-angle TRS cable included
  • No additional power supply required
  • Rugged gunmetal gray anodized aluminum chassis
  • Small and lightweight
  • Designed and built in the USAIs a cable included?
    Yes, MultiSwitch comes with a 1/4″ right angle TRS cable
  • Can’t I use a MIDI controller to access the same functions?
    Certainly—if you’d like, you can access these features using a MIDI controller. MultiSwitch is geared towards those that don’t want or don’t need to use MIDI in their rigs. MultiSwitch is connected via a TRS cable and does not require a separate power supply.Do I need to update the firmware on my TimeLine, Mobius, or BigSky to use MultiSwitch?
    In some cases yes. Please visit for information on how to check your firmware version, and how to update your firmware. All TimeLine, Mobius, and BigSky pedals built as of February 17, 2015 ship with firmware that is compatible with MultiSwitch. If your TimeLine, Mobius, or BigSky was built before this date then it will require a firmware update.What pedals are compatible with MultiSwitch?
    MultiSwitch can be used with TimeLine, Mobius, and Bigsky.